Effortless style: Why Amber Lewis believes in keeping it simple

Amber Lewis crams a lot into life - running a hugely successful interior design agency, designing her own line of homewares and commanding a social media following of millions.

So at home in Calabasas, California - with her musician husband Mike, daughter Gwyneth, Gwynie for short, and a host of rescue animals - Amber's happiness lies in simple pleasures. She loves nothing more than curling up on the couch, listening to music and watching Gwyneth dance round the backyard to her favorite songs. "She's got some darn good taste for a seven-year-old," she laughs.

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Listen Better: An Open Letter from Patrick Spence

Music is at the heart of our mission at Sonos.  But in today’s world, music faces mounting threats. Too many artists face barriers to free expression and others can be jailed or even killed for merely sharing their songs over the internet. Communities lack space and resources to ensure all musicians can be heard. We’re failing to foster a new generation of music lovers prepared for success in the modern economy. Music, along with film, suffers from many violations to artistic freedom. Our failure to protect music is a failure to protect the basic liberties of all people.

That’s why we’re committing to work actively to promote and protect the future of music—using our business to support those confronting threats to music, whether targeted at artists or a symptom of broader injustices affecting all disempowered communities, and helping to make music a central part of life for everyone.

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Welcome to the Sonic Internet

Today, we’re ready to once again change the way that people listen. And we’re going to do that by creating a device that will listen. We’re proud to introduce Sonos One. Sonos One is the smart speaker for music lovers. It lets you control your speakers with just the sound of your voice. It makes it easier than ever to fill your home with the music and entertainment that you love.

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The Sonos App Remastered

Life has enough compromise, and we want to keep it out of the listening experience. So when we began redesigning the Sonos app, we thought about how we could combine all the choice and variety you get from streaming with the ease and simplicity of combing through your personal record collection.

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What you should know about our new Privacy Statement

Next week, we’ll be introducing some important updates to our privacy statement. Sonos owners and anyone who visits our website will be asked to acknowledge this new policy when we update our software and systems in the coming days.

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Happy Birthday to the Sonos store!

Last weekend, our flagship store in New York turned one and some of the hottest names in music came out to help us celebrate. Partnering with the good folks at Pitchfork, we hosted a weekend-long radio broadcast, live from the Greene Street store – cramming the likes of Flatbush Zombies, Alvvays…

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Listening to Vinyl with Sonos

With vinyl stronger than ever, we’ve made it simple to hook up your turntable to your Sonos system and listen out loud to all the records you love. Once connected, you can enjoy the best of all worlds. Whether spinning or streaming, you can listen to all your music, all in one place, and go fill…

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Hate photos. Love Vicky Grout.

One prevailing theme throughout Vicky Grout's photos is capturing off-guard moments. On surface-level, grime exhibits hype, often violent storytelling, and guarded mistrust of glossy London, but the genre itself has distinct humour, self-awareness, warmth, and self-deprecation. Vicky manages to…

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Nadine Goepfert’s Wearable Art – Inside Her Berlin Studio

Our visit to Nadine Goepfert’s home marks the continuation of our special collaboration between Sonos and Freunde von Freunden. We’re on a mission to celebrate the joy of listening out loud, waking up the silent home, and inspiring creativity in every facet of our lives.

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Inside Huang’s World – food, cultural identity and the art of hosting

As he prepares to launch his sophomore series of Huang’s World on Viceland, Eddie Huang became our latest chef to host a Playlist Potluck for Sonos. No stranger to our screens already, Eddie’s already broken boundaries with his ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and looks to take his latest show to the next level from June 28th.

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Our Sonos App has a new Help & Tips section

Get the most from your Sonos. 

We have updated our app with a handy Help & Tips section. It’s a small change, but one that’ll make a big difference – helping you and your family get more from your home sound system and use it in ways you never knew possible.

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Food, Folk and Fatherhood with My Morning Jacket’s Patrick Hallahan

The kitchen of the Hallahans’ beautiful home in the Cherokee Gardens section of Louisville gets a lot of morning light. This is both by physical and by social design. In this room Patrick — a big teddy-bear of a man who rose to prominence as the drummer of My Morning Jacket, and whose new local culinary venture, Butchertown Grocery, has been hailed as one of America’s best new restaurants —creates sprawling meals for, and with, his family.

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