TRUEPLAY for Playbar

TRUEPLAY for Playbar

In the pursuit of the best possible listening experience, designing great equipment is only half the battle. Sound is beautifully imperfect. It changes constantly from song to song and room to room, which means that even the most precisely-tuned speaker will sound different in certain environments. The solution? Embrace the change. If no speaker fits every context why not use software to give every speaker the ability to create true sound in any context? That was the conviction that drove us to create Trueplay, a unique tuning technology that anyone can use to quickly and simply fine-tune your Sonos speaker to produce spot-on playback in any room.Trueplay instantly makes the Sonos system...

The Next Generation of Sonos Leadership

The Next Generation of Sonos Leadership

As the founder and CEO of Sonos, I am always trying to find leaders who are capable of taking Sonos to the next level. Part of that means assessing my own role. With Sonos now poised for a new phase of growth, I am excited to pass the role of Chief Executive Officer to a well-prepared Patrick Spence. Patrick demonstrated his leadership most recently with Sonos’ success during the holiday period, but more importantly, there isn't a person who better embodies Sonos’ values and culture. Patrick Spence (left) and John MacFarlane Patrick's leadership comes at a magical moment for Sonos. Music has made the transition to streaming. It took longer than we expected but it's fully here now,...



Along with creating what might have been the world’s most epic potluck dinner, we asked the top chefs in our Mind of a Chef Music Special to put together their ideal dinner party playlist. Just like their cooking, each one is a perfect reflection of the individual chef’s background, taste and personality. Read on to hear their selections and get inspired to create a Playlist Potluck of your own.April Bloomfield “I remember this van my dad used to call Chug-a-Boom. Me and my sisters used to sit in the back and I remember hearing ‘Under the Ivy’ by Kate Bush. I could listen back to that track and it just makes me take stock.” Chef April Bloomfield built her name on bringing the...

Play Music from Spotify Straight to Sonos with Spotify Connect

We’ve teamed up with Spotify to make it easier than ever to keep the music going strong. Now Spotify Premium users can control their Sonos straight from the Spotify app using Spotify Connect. Use all the features you love on Spotify: the curation, discovery, and sharing, and hear it all throughout your home in crystal clear sound. You can also access the multi-room power of the Sonos home sound system directly in the Spotify app. We’ve brought out the best of both worlds to give you the smartest and most seamless home sound system yet. Bring the music home. Hate missing the end of a track because you arrived back home before it finished? Spotify now lets you control your sound system...

Ready for a big group of fun!

Sonos & Spotify bring music to the table with Playlist Potluck

Music, food and drink bring us together in a new tradition of friendship celebrations that are as important to us as family gatherings. Who are your friends? At first, it seems a simple question. But think again: when was the last time you saw your best friend? Who did you spend your weekend with?...

Share Food. Share Music. Introducing Sonos Playlist Potluck.

Share Food. Share Music. Introducing Sonos & Spotify Playlist Potluck.

POTLUCK /pätˈlək/ noun North American: A meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish. PLAYLIST /plāˌlist/ noun A list of songs to soundtrack a mood or event. PLAYLIST POTLUCK /plāˌlist pätˈlək/ noun A collaborative dinner party where each guest brings a unique dish and...


SONOS x KBH: Furniture with Sound Design

Are you sitting comfortably? Chances are you aren’t sitting at all. Technology’s changed the way we read, the way we live and – of course – the way we listen. But it also has a habit of taking center stage at home when we’d really rather spend time doing what matters. Enjoying the music....

The New All White SONOS Sub

The New Sonos Sub: A Vision In White

Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design. One-button setup. Just a few of the qualities that made the Sonos SUB such a welcome addition to the homes of music and home cinema lovers the world over. As the new all-white version becomes available, we caught up with the folks behind the bass to find...


Mark Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain: Home Glamour Revolutionary

Over the past decade there’s been a quiet revolution in the way people decorate their homes, as conservative tastes handed down from mid-century modernism have given way to an explosion of vibrant colors, patterns and textures. Mark Chamberlain has had a front row perspective on the whole thing, not only as an in-demand designer and painter specializing in vividly patterned floors and walls, but as a blogger who – for eight years – maintained a column on Apartment Therapy where he urged homeowners to take more risks with the way they treat their spaces.Chamberlain has a BFA in art as well as a fine art career, but he’s never thought of interior design as something less than worthy...

DELS drawing with SONOS

At Home With: DELS

We recently wrapped up London Design Festival at Sonos Studio, an event schedule packed with our friends from the creative world including Hole & Corner, It’s Nice That, PATTERNITY and MUBI. Amongst those friends was rapper / art director Kieren Gallear AKA DELS, who spoke at our ‘Listening By Design’ event hosted by It’s Nice That. In his talk, he took us on a sonic journey through the listening habits of his day and discussed how the music inspires his creative output. This week, DELS invited us into his North London home to show us how his two worlds as a both an art director and music artist merge and are influenced by what he listens to in his living space. How much of...

Sonic Artifacts from the Underground

Thurston Moore Words by Thurston Moore The cassette always had the hottest, most excited sound for my ears. I love physicality in music production – the vibrating speaker in an amp-powered cabinet, bass throbbing and guitar shredding. Record player tonearms licking through the vinyl grooves of tiny, hilly mounds and valleys. The electromagnetic impulse feed flashing through the stylus and cartridge and coming manifest through the cosmos of soul static stereo speakers. But cassettes are the best, ruling with moving parts, the fat ferrous oxide tape sliced into thin strips holding sonic information zapped off of magnetic heads, whipping, rolling like an automobile in sweet cruise gear....

Where Vinyl Comes Home: Rough Trade In Their Own Words

Where Vinyl Comes Home: Rough Trade In Their Own Words

Rough Trade did more than just survive the digital music revolution. They flourished. At a time when most of NYC’s veteran record shops were putting up “For Sale” signs, Rough Trade was building the biggest record store in the entire city: a 15,000 sq. foot warehouse stacked with thousands of vinyl records, books, complete with coffee shop, bar, performance space, and as of this week, a brand new Sonos-designed listening room. What kind of mind does it take to keep a classic record shop thriving in the modern age? We sat down with Rough Trade store Co-Owner and Director, Stephen Godfroy to explore the vision that's made an independent mainstay stronger than ever.  Take us...

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