Working Jams: What music to listen to on the job

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Infographics, Music In Culture

Listening to music while you work might be the best thing since casual Fridays. The proper tunage can help you get motivated, stay productive, and stimulate your creative juices. And it’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to de-stressing so you can move on to the next task without blowing a gasket.

So what music should you listen to maintain your working groove? We’ve got some suggestions for you in the graphic below.

Working Jams

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Infographics, Music In Culture

  • LiewCF

    Do you have a higher resolution version?

    • Sonos

      The highest resolution we have available can be accessed by clicking the image.

  • Comments

    Don’t see it on iPhone….

  • Roya Millard

    Ouch. Typo in the College info. “Your teaching college because…” should be “You’re…”
    That doesn’t look so good for your proofreader/editor.

    • Sonos

       Thanks for the catch! It has been fixed.

  • fleetfootedfox

    I’m a programmer and I shouldn’t listen to metal or punk?  Kindly go die in a fire.
    You stereotyping jerks don’t know anything about music, or people.  Resume talking about networks and audio fidelity, stick to your strengths.

    • Leo Knox

      Sir, why the insults? “Stereotyping jerks”? My friend, probably you forgot to read the introduction, where it says “So what music should you listen to maintain your working groove? We’ve got some suggestions for you in the graphic below.”, copied and pasted. Like we had to rigorously apply to these suggestions. I also think it is a little weird “restricting” punk and metal for a programmer, but c’mon. It’s not like all the programmers in the world are stopping listening metal or punk because it says it. You can freely say your opinions, but you can also freely think objectively before dropping some questionable reasoning for such an intelligent person a programmer might be.

      A pleasure, sir. Sorry for writing this 10 months after the publishing of your comment, I just saw this today. By the way, cute profile picture! And if you don’t like jazz, try some sweet Mingus (“Moanin'” rocks) or Curtis Fuller (all Blue-sette is amazing, listen Five Spots After Dark).

      • Juan

        I agree with amie, and let me tell u something, idk where u get all the data, but, most of (good) developers i know listen to punk or heavy metal. And where is the distinction between rock and punk? what about power pop or alternative rock? I bet u have no idea and u created this things just based in popular culture and how you imagine this jobs be like.

        For you to do this you should make some people try every one of these jobs with all music genres and then collect the data and get some info from it.

        • ggarvey

          Going off of that, as a high school teacher I find this stereotypical poster offensive for a number of reasons. One, where do you assume a teacher is sitting at his/her desk all day? Rarely do I sit down during my day at all. In fact, my bag sits on my chair all day. Ask any teacher, I don’t know where you got this idea that it’s a sitting down job. I think your choice for music for “ninth grade teachers” is a little condescending as well. “Play music that has a groove and will also earn you a little respect?” Like teachers are disliked enough so we need to play “cool” music such as pop, dubstep, and indie? I play different oldies and classical music every beginning of class to get everyone settled down and “in the groove” to begin, and my students respect me more than fine. This poster is completely filled with so many connotations about how each profession should act or behave. There is no right or wrong way.

  • Yung Creepz
  • kolbert
  • Shawn White

    Epic fail, Sonos, if this is truly how you perceive the work teachers do. Epic fail. Oh, and by the way, the your in your College Professor description is the wrong your. It should be you’re. You’re welcome in advance for helping you edit your handy work here.

  • SL

    props 2 @fleetfootedfox:disqus!!

  • Opalbird

    Nice. Like the suggestions and nice graph. Relax folks these are suggestions not rules to follow. Everyone’s a critic, I would like to see some positive responses to blogs once in awhile. Besides, stereotypes come from some place so it’s not all untrue. Have a beautiful life everyone! Peace.