How your dad’s music influences your taste

Posted on June 17th, 2011 by Jasmine France in Featured, Infographics, Music In Culture

There’s no end to the reasons why you listen to the music you do today, but we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you were subjected to your father’s music at some point in the past (or present). So that leads to the question: what do dear old dad’s listening habits say about the artists in your repertoire? In honor of Father’s Day, we tried our hand at finding out.

How has your dad influenced you? Tell us about it below.

Dad's Musical Influence

Posted on June 17th, 2011 by Jasmine France in Featured, Infographics, Music In Culture

  • Orchid333

    My father listened to one of two genres while I was growing up (and still does today): Classic 50’s music or Showtunes (Broadway Musicals). Today, my variety is widespread. I listen to everything from classic country to thrash-metal, new-age to alternative. I love it all… including the occasional showtune. In short, I think his love for music while I was a child influenced me to love and appreciate music in all forms, and I listen to music probably 8 to 12 hours a day whether it’s at work, in the car or while I’m washing dishes. I feel as if I need it in order to get through my daily life. My Dad is the sole inspiration for everything I am today, and I couldn’t love him more for it.

    • Sonos

      So cool – thanks for sharing!

      • Pointer8708

        My Dad’s taste was all Perry Como, Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin – all the great crooners – my best moment in life, was when I got my Dad and Mom front row tickets for a Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Liza Minnelli show and Showtime taped it – I could see the experience in my parents face when Frank was singing right to them – that will always be my priceless moment!!!

    • Michelle Marti

       My parents had similar tastes; jazz, some musicals, Simon and Garfunkel, Motown, 60s and early 70s pop. We also had a selection of classical records. My tastes now are extremely wide ranging and incorporate many genres including alternative, blues, classical, heavy rock, country, jazz… I always loved music and spent a lot of time going through their record collection and also listening to the radio. I’m a music teacher now.

  • Mrpc12

    My dad put an 8 track in the station wagon so we could listen to Pete Fountain; Santana and Otis Redding. Those are the ones I remember. Later he listened to the Allman Bros and Led Zep. 

  • Sarah Wilkinson

    My dad used to put me to sleep as a baby to Pink Floyd’s The Wall – weird I know but it worked! To this day, listening to The Wall on a bad day makes everything better and Pink Floyd is my all time favorite band. In high school I discovered his vinyl collection and after a few lectures about not leaving the needle down on his Linn turntable when an album ended, I got to listen to The Who, Queen, Neil Young and Zeppelin the way they should be listened to. My taste in music would not be what it is today without my pops. Way to go Dad! 

    • wishfulthinker

      my dad use to put me to sleep to ac/dc!! i dunno how that worked out exactly, but it did :]

    • Amber Tate

      Same with me, only it was Dark Side of the Moon!
      And I definitely listen to many things my dad does–Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, Alice Cooper, etc.  We were just talking about that today

    • Daniel693

      Dude I am the exact same way! In kindergarten, we had to put down our favorite song and while most put down merry had a little lamb and things like that, I put another brick in the wall by pink floyd. the funny part about it is that I went to a private catholic school and my teacher was a nun and when she asked me about what that song was, I instantly started to sing it “we don’t need no education”. She was soo concerned that i was a devil child that she had my parents in for a meeting

  • Kbice30

    My Dad was all about Janis Joplin. I’ll never forget cruisin in his work truck listening to Janis.

  • OriginalSomedaygirl

    My dad used to sing with all of us around the player piano…”There are smiles that make us happy, there are smiles that makes us blue… but the smiles that fill my life with sunshine are the smiles that I give to you”

  • Pop says NO pop

    As a professor of musicology, my father forbade any popular music in the home. I remember huddling at night against a tube AM radio with orange grill cloth listening to Neil Sedaka’s Laughter in the Rain and Shannon by Henry Gross. All I wanted was to get lost in pop. But even under tyrannous parental rule, I snuck off and watched The Monkees and The Partridge Family…and escaped the seemingly motionless droll of piano concertos and symphony. Looking back now, I certainly appreciate having been taken to concert halls, to see choirs and the ballet, but I’ll always associate my father with Wagner, Bartok, Stravinsky and Schoenberg.

  • Reg

    My dad’s earliest gifts of music to me were the sounds of The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Animals, and The Rolling Stones.  Over time, his listening pool has expanded (and never stops growing), but these remain among his favorites (and mine).  He also loved 50’s rock, Motown, The Beach Boys, and James Brown, and Earth, Wind & Fire.  Dad *always* had the stereo playing in our house.  One of my favorite childhood memories of my Dad is him dancing around the house during the 80s singing along to Hall and Oates.  While most of my friends watched hours of TV growing up, I spent most of that same time listening to music records or cassettes, or the radio.  Thanks, Dad!

  • Cdobrin

    My dad mostly listened to jazz when I was growing up – some of his favorites are still my favorites: Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Maynard Ferguson. I guess an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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  • Ligerstotle

    Dad would stack up his boogie woogie piano records on the turntable spindle on weekends.  Some of these were 10″ records and some came in elaborate boxes or sleeves with covers that had a textured leathery appearance.  We had a player piano too, a 1901 Aeolion, and tons of rolls of boogie woogie and ragtime stuff.  In the car he would tune in to current FM hits like Steve Miller, Wings, Fleetwood Mac etc.  When a song came on that I didn’t like, I would hit the power window switch on my armrest which would disrupt the radio with an obnoxious clicking sound.  That would irritate him until he changed the channel.  Somehow, my sister loved the Beatles, one brother Led Zeppelin, the other brother the Stones and myself, The Who.

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  • Ben Sargeant

    My Dad always listened to Van Morrison when i grew up – I hated it it when i was a kid! But now i actually quite like Van, But don’t tell my Dad!


    I don’t know what my dad listens to. Shows how close we are. *sobs*
    – Winston

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  • Joan Redd

    This is obviously for younger folks – Baby Boomers are nowhere included on here as far as music choices go. I was highly influenced by what my dad listened to but none of these charts fit. 

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  • Jacob Palmer

    Not even close…but a good try.

  • dialMforMONKEY

    Well, my dad listens to a lot of Christian music.  He’s also into bands like Cinderella, Tesla, ACDC, Van Halen, etc.  I listen to power metal.  Care to explain that one to me? 😛

    • guest


  • Troddles

    Pfft, this is stupid.
    I listen to Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, WASP, KISS and Warrant.

  • Srinivas R.

    I am now 60 & sing in Restaurants 6 nights a week. During the War, my Dad got a lot of 78s presented by Spike Mulligan on one of his ENSA calling tours to the Burma Front. I still sing some of these – Duke Ellington, Danny Kaye, Sinatra et al. Just last night  I had an old couple who really enjoyed these old songs. My own favorites were Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Cream & The Who. Today my daughters prefer “Retro” to anything else …..

    • John Cleary

      Which war?

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  • Mhkeef

    You left out a major category, country music.  You could have used George Strait who has had 57 #1 hit singles and sold over 68 million albums.  Did you not notice the top 2 winners in American Idol this year were country?

  • Smitty

    Fun!… and probably pretty accurate.

  • Smitty

    Fun!… and probably pretty accurate.

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  • Anonymous

    it does seem my generation got left out – the band of my father’s era was the Glenn Miller band. As far as I can recall, his favorite singer was Sarah Vaughn – though I don’t remember hearing Broken Hearted Melody from him (Moonlight in Vermont, yeah). My mum was into Billy Eckstine. (I have not heard a song by him I’ve liked)

    I’m not a band person. I love random 45s – and Donny Osmond and Scott Bakula. Abba’s inherited from an old friend. I had Beatles’ 45s when I was 6. I still like the Partridge Family should I stumble across them. Most of what I listen to now, I heard on Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs.

  • Krichards5

    My dad always played dixieland jazz records, then upped his style points big-time by getting some discs by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass…including the best album cover of all time: “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” Check it out, youngsters!

  • Dobbner

    My dad is a huge RUSH fan and he listens to all the classic rock bands of the late 60’s through the 80’s as well. Now I am a huge RUSH fan and classic rock fan and I can’t thank him enough for getting me into all those bands.

    • John Cleary

      May your music someday be referred to as “classic”. I was not meant to be so.

  • Calvin Parker

    My dad listened to louis jordan… Now i listen to Daft punk… Don’t think it influenced me much…

  • Larry

    A great infographic and an insight that is probably truer than most of us care to admit. My dad listened to all the classic country and blues guitar legends … and I thought they were all horrible. Now, I listen to a lot of Chet Atkins, Buddy Guy and Les Paul. Go figure.

  • Sinterklaas

    What if your dad listened to the beatles or the stones like most people growing up in the 70’s?

  • Anonymous

    My dad listened to big band music, Benny Goodman and Glen Miller were his faves.  My mom secretly liked hillbilly music and Bakersfield country, but never let on until she was very old.  I hate commercial music of all genres–hair bands, pop, schmaltz, and gratuitous adult contemporary crap. 

    I listen to everything from Classical Music–Ancient to Modern with everything in between except Handel, which I’m sick of, to punk rock like PIL, Clash, Patti Smith, Ramones, The Jam, Pistols, and the Slits.  I love Middle Eastern music and all world music.  I love stuff I’ve never heard before–the weirder or more offbeat the better.  I love jazz–free form, Be Bop, Fusion, Swing–all of it.  I love Post Modern like Wire, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Fall, Joy Division, and The Raincoats.  But I also love the American stuff like The Meat Puppets, Husker Du, The Subhumans, X, The Flesh Eaters, Tuxedo Moon, MX80 Sound, (all Ralph Records), Dead Kennedys, and stuff like that.  Before 1976 I listened to Zeppelin, Yes, Jeff Beck, Fusion, Jethro Tull, Iggy Popp, Pink Floyd, Beatles and such, but always hated Aerosmith and AC/DC with a raging passion.

    • deadrose

      Wait a minute. How did I write this post under someone else’s name? *grin* Seriously, we’re awfully close in musical tastes. Not quite as keen on Husker Du, and I love medieval/Renaissance and classic goth stuff, some folk metal and chalga,  but otherwise that reads like *my* music collection.

      My dad had, and still has, very eclectic musical tastes. Telemann to Flatt & Scruggs, Odetta to Silverchair, I grew up listening to a vast range of things, and my current tastes reflect that.

      • John Cleary

        I like filk, a modern folk variant out of the Science Fiction community, and CW and classical, and I am trying to get into modern stuff — some of which has a story like nature. Dad was big band and swing. And except for classical, none has been included in the small sample of music styles noted in the header of this article.

  • Jilabel

    My father was a musician (dixieland jazz, etc) – Drummer, also my grandfather and a few of my uncles…so I grew up listening to lots of jazz and big band (which I still listen to today) – LOVE Sarah Vaughan and Louis Prima because of being introduced to it at such a young age, and I still also have a fondness for Seals & Crofts and The Average White Band, because we listened to those 8-tracks in the car all the time

  • contrapuntist

    You left out the Crooners… and country music… this requires a part two you know! 

  • Jessie

    My dad rocked Rhapsody in Blue on his new 70’s quad stereo! I still love it today and think of him whenever I hear the music. He also like music LOUD, so I suppose I get that from him as well!

  • Rmccauley84

    What if your parents listened to really shitty new wave?

  • Pee Bee

    not bad, although it would be good if there were more ‘my dad listens to…’ options. but my dad does listen to classical (among other things) and i do like radiohead and muse.

  • Greg

     yeeeaaa this pretty much only applies to white people

    • Zak

      lol, what are black people not allowed to like jazz or music made by white people?

    • Zak

      lol, what are black people not allowed to like jazz or music made by white people?

  • Phil Rau

    My dad was into classical music, lots of Mozart. My brother is a classically trained violinist, and i am a classically trained pianist… but I listen to jazz. Nothing but. Heck, I even look like the guy in the picture for “some jazz artist no one else reading this has ever heard of.” 

    Disappointing that I didn’t get jazz though.

  • Carla Ciurlizza

    No dad at home but mom used to listen to ballet music and Beethoven, Mozart, et al, with some Frank Sinatra in the mix, and I ended up listening Metallica and metal in general… but with a strong emphasys on symphonic metal.  Go figure.

  • Anita khanna

    Very funny i liked it

  • Magic Kat

    My dad once sat me and my brother down to listen to the full length version of Freebird by lynyrd Skynyrd. Had no effect on my bro as he is still very much stuck in an 80’s synth-pop rut, but it opened my eyes to a whole new world of blues influenced rock music which continues to expand thanks to the internet  – big respect to the old man :)

  • toomdog

    You left out big band swing and easy listening

  • Jackson Bret Garner

    God, musical memories with my father usually included him singing along and humming in a completely different key! I love him for it though, no matter what it was, he always hummed and sang along with me everytime. Most of the time it was Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon, where during The Great Gig in the Sky, he was basically be screaming like someone getting beaten to death, and all the cars at the stop light would look at him funny! What’s great though, is now when I drive him, I still play Pink Floyd and we sing and hum together. Usually, it’s the only time we truly have a “father-son moment”. My deepest thanks go out to Pink Floyd for the fact, that I bond with my father through their music.

    • Sonos

       Great story – thanks for sharing!

  • Iron Dan

    My dad was so tone deaf that when he took a mandatory music class in college, his professor told him to cheat! My first memory is walking through our living room singing “She loves you” by the Beatles. That was the only line I knew, because I heard it for the first time the night before, when they played live on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was my 3rd birthday. Still love the Beatles, still sing, love all the British Invasion bands, early metal, hair bands, and southern rock. Dave Hlubek from Molly Hatchet lived in my current town, and we used to frequent the same jam night where he’d always call me up to sing. Asked me to move to Atlanta and put together a band, but I had to decline. Putting together an Ozzy tribute now. I AM IRON DAN!

    • Libby123

      My earliest memory is doing the Twist with my Dad to I Want To Hold Your Hand. That was 50 years ago and I still smile whenever I hear that song.

  • alexyoung

    The Rock Music interest’s passing through generation’s for me and iam also give it to my children’s