PLAYGROUND at the Sonos Studio @ SXSW

The Sonos Studio in LA is about listening at the intersection of art, music and tech.  The Sonos Studio @ SXSW is no different and it will feature a revolutionary interactive audio-visual art piece, aptly dubbed the Sonos PLAYGROUND.

Brought to life by a collection of artists and engineers, and powered by Sonos PLAYBAR technology, this immersive experience is ready for your participation.

From the moment you near the Sonos PLAYGROUND, it feels like you’re entering a sci-fi theme park funhouse. Once inside, you’re not merely walking through the audio visual experience, you’re creating it. You select any song you want and the minimalist video designs mirror your movements; as your body language changes to the music so does the art, creating a responsive and ever-changing experience.

PLAYGROUND also features an original track, PARALLEL, by Gary Gunn designed to test the limits of PLAYGROUND.

Watch this teaser video to learn more:

The installation’s lead artist is Aramique who brought the xx interactive exhibit to life in the Studio in LA in November.

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