These New Puritans: Magnetic Field Exhibition

These New Puritans: Magnetic Field ExhibitionFollowing the success of These New Puritans’ 2013 album Field Of Reeds, Sonos was recently invited to support the British band and their audio visual exhibition, Magnetic Field, hosted at a central London location to coincide with the band’s UK tour.

On the album, a ground-breaking new instrument known as the Magnetic Resonator Piano – a unique acoustic piano enhanced with electromagnets – was used to create effects impossible to achieve with an ordinary instrument. It was this instrument that was at the heart of the installation where fans and inquisitive visitors were invited to interact directly,using motion sensors rigged to the MRP to create a physical dimension to the music and performance in the space. Gallery-goers were surrounded by 18 SONOS speakers strategically positioned around the space, creating an atmospheric acoustic experience, drawing on the uniquely eerie sounds found echoing throughout the band’s music.

During the exhibition’s tenure, These New Puritans and a host of musical friends (including Little Boots, East India Youth and Sampha, among others) took turns to explore the capabilities of the Magnetic Resonator Piano and use this incredible instrument to change the atmosphere for a curious audience.

Check out this video to find out more about the installation and the creation of the Magnetic Resonator Piano.