Sonos now plays iTunes music and podcasts directly from iPhone

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, News, Products, Tips & Tricks, Worldwide

Music has never been more portable, or more available. Our favorite tracks and artists are rarely further away than our pocket. And the music we have in iTunes® sometimes never leaves our iPhones, which is exactly why we’re stoked to share the latest update to the Sonos system.

Sonos now plays your iTunes music and podcasts direct from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® anywhere there is a Sonos speaker or player. Simple, clean, and seamless.

If you have iOS 6, you can reach your iTunes music in three quick steps:

(1) Update your Sonos software and your Sonos Controller Apps via the App Store to Sonos System Software 3.8.3

(2) Ensure your iPhone is on the home wireless network, then launch the Sonos Controller App.

(3) Go to the main music menu.

Boom. You’ll now see all of your iOS devices’ music, playlists and podcasts all available as a music source under “This iPhone/This iPad/This iPod.”

The music you love in HiFi sound as you’ve come to expect from Sonos.

For more details, visit For support, visit Sonos Support.

Have iOS 6 and Sonos? Get started! Find free music on iTunes here.

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, News, Products, Tips & Tricks, Worldwide

  • Paul Williams


  • David Hale

    Does this need an Airport express plugged into a Sonos unit to work? Will this be something that you could do from on a Mac as well?

    • A.

      it works without Airport express :)

  • Hilke Heremans

    Excellent! This is exactly what I was hoping for!

  • Londonguy

    Why was the application not updated for the iphone 5 display at the same time?? Thats very annoying… Is this update coming soon?


  • Londonguy

    David you dont need an airport express.. This update is actually really amazing thanks guys.. Now just that iphone 5 support please … :)

  • Ari Margolis

    Excellent update!! Way to go Sonos! Finally… we have been waiting for this!

  • Chris

    Nice, what about Windows?

  • Genet

    Bravo, Sonnos revolutionne une nouvelle fois la façon d’écouter sa propre musique et reste ainsi le meilleur system Hifi au monde. Merci Frederic Genet Architecte d’Intérieur

  • Tom Wentworth

    Doesn’t seem to show iTunes Match songs?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Tom, yes, the content has to be stored locally on the i-device in order for Sonos to be able to stream it. If you continue to have any issues or questions, please contact our Support team at Thanks.

  • Matt

    Awesome! Now I can get rid of that Airport Express!

  • JJ

    Does this support aiff, or more specifically what file types are supported?

  • richard


    rilliant. We have iPhones and iPads, but are graduating to Android. We’ll enjoy using this function on our Apple units for now, and when you add same support for Android will grab another couple of Sonos units.

  • Trevor Horton

    Thanks. You responded to user requests and gave us new control over podcasts! Really smart and innovative way to solve a problem for ios users. Now to get another Play 3 for some other rooms…

  • Chris

    MP3 and DRM-free AAC files from iTunes are the formats. No Airport Express needed, just an iOS device running version 6 and current Sonos firmware.

  • Hubsi

    What do you mean with Android? I`ve never seen a Android Phone, where Itunes is on Board…

  • everes7

    Will Sonos ever support streaming music from other iOS apps (e.g., Spotify) directly from the iPhone to my Sonos system?

    • Fran

      I second this basic request. I thought Sonos would do this and spent over £1500 on the system for my house. Very disappointing to find that you have to use the app on the computer and other devices.

  • Aforever

    I just updated, and I just wanna thank you, this is exactly what Sonos was missing you have made one man happy, looking forward to enlarge my system

  • Huw

    I want to play my audio books which appear under my ipad in the sonos player but it says the file format isn’t supported. These are ‘audible’ audio books but were purchased via iturnes or amazon directly. I don’t want to purchase an audible subscription. How can i listen to these audio books on my sonos? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Sonos Support Team


      Unfortunately you would need an Audible subscription to listen to audible content through Sonos. You can read more about Audible and Sonos on:

      • HPW

        It seems that it’s the same audible file that is downloaded on my home PC that is downloaded to my iphone. So why can’t your new IOS app be engineered to play the file using my iphone. I have already authenticated my Audible account on my home network. This would be a great enhancement. I could be listening on my iphone in the car as I always do …. Then I could easily pick it up when I was in my home and listen on my Sonos system.

        • Mani Sheriar

          YES! Can we please get this support?

          • MBarnes

            it sucks that i can’t just add audible and play from my phone!

  • garygarry

    what about Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc? I have so much ‘stuff’ on those sites that I’d love to be able to stream

    • Andres

      We need to get these services on board ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin van Zonneveld


  • alan

    If I now upload my iTunes library to the cloud, can I stream it using this new functionality with an iPad?

  • Elektrobix

    Since the update my sonos system randomly stops playing. Not just iPhone playlists but ones stored on nas and Internet radio too.

  • Marc Ledoux

    I want my sonos speaker to be able to stream music that is coming out from Itunes on my computer. I already ran cables everywhere in my house and the sonos speaker is where I couldn’t do it. I want the sonos to play the same music as all my other rooms are playing.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Marc,

      You can take advantage of the line-in port on most Sonos devices (The PLAY:3 is the only one without a line-in connection). You can connect the analog out-put of your computer to the line-in on a Sonos device. This would allow you to play all sounds coming from your computer to any and all Sonos devices.

  • Ed

    Doesn’t work with all songs. I’m getting an unable to play message on two songs on an album. They are obviously the two I really want to listen to! It’s a brand new download so shouldn’t be a drm issue. Any ideas? I think they are tracks you can’t download individually – you need to buy the album to get them if that’s any help.

    • andrew moore

      I’m having the same issues!! Sonos: What is the fix ?? U can correct the problem on your iTunes on a PC or MAC, but not the saved iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you right click on the song that is having the problem in iTunes, then select “Create AAC Version” this will solve the problem on your PC, but it won’t convert to your hand held.

      • Sonos Support Team


        The tracks cannot have DRM protection on them or end in .m4p (Protected) file extension. Sonos, like many other music players/devices, will ignore .m4p files as they are typically DRM protected. I would suggest syncing your iDevice with your computer again to make sure the songs that are on your iDevice are not DRM protected. Sonos will pick up any song that is in the supported format.

    • andrew moore

    The missing feature I was waiting for!

  • alex lee

    This really doesn’t work as advertised. I followed the steps above, plus dozens of other FAQs on the subject, and I simply cannot get the sonos controller on my iphone to see the songs that are on my iphone. Very frustrating.

  • Phil Schwarzmann

    No support for the Mac OS X app?

  • Sharon H

    My Iphone 5 only plays one track at a time from my playlist – the screen goes dark and it finishes the song its on but no more. The Ipad does the whole list no problems. Been through settings but can’t find the problem. If I’m in music on the Iphone it plays the whole lot on the phone, but not in the Sonos App. Driving me mad!

  • Grant

    Great idea. Is this also the case for nexus 4 or galaxy 3?

  • Mike

    Hi, I could play my music library directly from my iphone but since changing to Android with Samsung S3 i can no longer do this?

  • Tom Train

    Sorry, but I can’t see “This IPad” under the main music menue. It works only with my IPhone. But I want to use my IPad too. Can you help me?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Tom,

      If you use iTunes Match, make sure that the music is actually downloaded onto the iPad. iTunes Match will display all music in your iCloud library but in order to play on Sonos, it needs to be on the actual device. Tap the cloud icon next to the song or album to download to the device before playing on Sonos.

      If you’re still not seeing the option, also make sure that the iPad is running iOS 6 or higher. You can also get in touch with us here: and we’ll be happy to discuss this in further detail over the phone.


      Sonos Support

  • Peter

    What’s the status of the possibility to play music direct from an Android smartphone through Sonos, that’s the only missing link in my setup.



  • Dennis

    Hi is this feature still active with sonos app v.4 I have no way of playing directly from my iPad or iPhone anymore?? Any idea why?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Dennis,

      No, that feature was not removed from latest SONOS Controller. If that music source is gone and or has stopped I would recommend contacting SONOS Support by telephone so they can look into this further. You can also look over the attached SONOS Answer to make sure that no steps are being missed for the streaming, and all the files are in the supported format. I will attach that answer and the link to reach SONOS Support by phone. Thank you very much and have a good day.

      Wireless iTunes Playback from the iPhone, Ipod Touch, and iPad: Wireless

  • JB

    Is there a way to do this with an iPhone 4s, running version 5.1.1 (9B206)?

  • Matt

    Not exactly true. What a pain…You have to import all your itunes music and you cannot play it continuously (i.e. you must pick the song click it and then add it to the the sonos queue). Unless there is a way around this, my sonos is going back to the store tomorrow. The way sonos advertises this you would think it would work seamlessly with itunes

  • Thomas

    I use Downcast to manage podcasts on my iphone and have no other music on the phone. The Sonos app does not give me the “this iphone” selection…is this because it does not see the podcast files? Suggestions? Thanks, i love my Sonos…

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Thomas,

      Downcast downloads and stores Podcasts into it’s own space in the iPhone’s memory. It doesn’t look like this is accessible to our App. The Podcast app from Apple downloads Podcasts into accessible memory so that can be used for Podcasts you’d like to use on Sonos.

      You could also look at the service Stitcher, which is an aggregator for Podcasts and is available free on Sonos. This service has a number of popular Podcasts available. Check it out at


  • FD

    Please add support for the Downcast podcast app. PRETTY PLEASE???

  • Sonos Sucks

    NEVER BUY SONOS. It is overpriced and doesn’t even work properly. There are so many other speakers that work a lot simpler for far less.

    • Sonos Support Team


      If you’re having any problems with your Sonos, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to help resolve any issues (and most problems can be resolved).


      • John

        You have not addressed his complaints.

  • Marc

    Why can’t I use my home sharing from iTunes on the sonos3??? If my music is in the cloud or on my computer which is connected to the same wifi my songs is why won’t it play my music collection???

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Marc,

      Sonos is able to play music that is stored on a local computer on the network or on an iOS / Android device that you have connected to the system. As long as the files are downloaded to the device, Sonos should be able to access them.

      If you’d like to add a music folder on your computer to Sonos, you can find instructions on how to do so in this FAQ:

      You can also find some more information on how wireless music streaming from iOS devices works here:

  • Olive

    My husband has bought 3 of these things. Why can’t I listen to Audible on Sonos where I left off when I listen on my iPhone. I have to try and find my place on Sonos and there aren’t even any location markers etc. He has spent £1000 already, all our radios are gone when I just used to plug in a jack in the aux hole. I don’t listen to much music, but listen to many talking books, please advise as I can’t believe it.

  • dc

    This is such an example of misinformation. Makes me want to return my Sonos equipment. It does not support itunes as directed in this thread.

  • Clive

    I have just installed iOS 7 and the “this iPad ” is now not available as source option? Is this because of the update?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Clive, the “This iPad” option will still show up in the latest version of the Sonos controller on iOS7 providing Sonos can still detect the tracks on the iPad itself. If you’re not seeing the option, I’d recommend checking Settings -> General -> About and make sure there are Songs still located on the device itself, just to make sure the music wasn’t removed for whatever reason during the update process.

      If the iPad still reports that Songs are on the iPad and “This iPad” is still missing, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to take a look at the system with you:

  • gallus_scozzie

    its a pain in the arse. trying copying sonos music to itunes, and a 65000 song limit. ffs

  • J

    I’d like to play songs directly from iTunes without the Sonos app on my Macbook, is this possible? And if not, it should be.

    • Sonos Support Team

      If your iTunes tracks are located on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then you can play your iTunes music straight off of your iOS device to Sonos using the “This iOS Device” function.

  • techkai

    I can’t use my system without updates. And for updates I have to register. That sucks. I want to use what I have paid for!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Techkai,

      Sonos components need registration information to get the correct updates for your region. This allows them to install new features and performance enhancements. Registration is very quick and after you’ve updated you’ll have all the latest additions to your system.


  • tony Stuart

    I cant get it to work. Can u. Help

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Tony, we’d be happy to help.

      If you don’t see a “This iPhone/This iPad/This iPod” section, make sure that your iOS device is updated to at least iOS6. You’ll also want to make sure that the tracks themselves are downloaded to the device and aren’t streaming from iCloud. You can check to make sure you have tracks on the device under Settings -> General -> About -> Songs.

      If you’re still having trouble, please give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to assist further. You can find our contact information here:


  • Peter

    This no longer works on ios7

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Peter, this feature is still available on iOS 7. If you’re having trouble streaming tracks from your iOS device I’d recommend contacting our Support team at so a technician can assist you with your questions. Thanks.

  • craig

    I have read all of these post and am still confused. I want to play music stored on my iPad in iTunes using Sonos. Can I do this? If not I will certainly return the Sonos product.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Craig,

      You can do this using the Sonos application on your iPad. In the Music Menu, you’ll see an option that says “This iPad.” You can select this to browse through the iTunes tracks currently stored on the iPad and play them to Sonos.

      There are a couple reasons why the “This iPad” selection might not show up. If the iPad is running an operating system earlier than iOS 6, then it won’t be able to stream to Sonos and the selection will be missing. The selection may also be missing if no tracks are downloaded to the iPad itself. This can happen when the iPad is set to stream your music from iCloud but the files have not actually been downloaded. These can both be resolved by updating your iPad to iOS 6 and above and by downloading your music to your iPad (if it isn’t there already).

      You can find some more information on this in our FAQ here:

      If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help out:


  • Herb Wagner

    Works great on my iPod Touch Gen 4! Shame that there is no support for earlier versions of iOS…

  • Jan

    This works for my Iphone 5 but not for my Ipad 2. Both IOS 7. They are both on the same wifi in house. Tried to reset Ipad a number of times. Any suggestions?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Jan,

      I’d suggest checking to make sure the music files have been downloaded to the iPad itself. If the tracks are streaming from iCloud, they won’t appear in the Sonos application and the iPad won’t be able to stream it to Sonos.

      You’ll also want to make sure that the tracks aren’t DRM protected. If they are, Sonos will show an error when you try to play them stating that it’s an unplayable track.

      We’d be happy to provide any assistance if the iPad still isn’t able to play the tracks. You can send us an email or give us a call using the contact information here:


  • MN8

    Why do my controllers on various devices need to connect to the lap top for playlist recovery when all tunes are resident on the controller device this is painful when lap top is not around or tournedos on…….help please

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi there,

      Sonos only needs to access a PC on the network when it’s trying to play from your Music Library. The Music Library function allows Sonos to connect to PCs and NAS drives on the network in order to stream your music locally. When Sonos plays directly off the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, a computer does not need to be turned on. You can access the playlists present on your phone by navigating to “This iPhone” -> “Playlists.”

  • Scott

    I downloaded the Sonos app to my iPhone 5, opened it, synced it to a speaker and it works perfectly. Selecting Music: This iPhone will play music from your iPhone.

  • Frank

    I love to lisining music from Iphone witout I tune on.
    I wonder if is passible?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Frank, if you have music files downloaded to your phone that are accessible through the Music app, Sonos will be able to play these files to your system. You can find them listed under the “This iPhone” section within the Sonos app.

  • Anon

    I need some help. I have just purchased a sonos and I can’t add tracks from any other mobile devices. I’m using an IPad and an iphone 5. It just refuses to save any playlist. I would appreciate any feed back

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello, normally when playing tracks from a variety of sources (music library, Internet services, etc), you’re able to save the queue as a Sonos Playlist. If you have tracks from mobile devices like your iPad and iPhone 5, however, Sonos will be unable to save the queue for later use. If you’d like to play a playlist that consists of tracks from a mobile device, we recommend creating the playlist on the device itself, then playing it so Sonos from there.

      If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call on our Customer Care phone line. Our contact information can be found here: We’d be more than happy to help further.


  • Harvey Moody

    Can you play iTunes Radio channels from iphone on Sonos speakers?

  • ChristoMcPhisto

    Hi Sonos guys, I’m a bit gutted. All I wanted was a great speaker to play my music from my Mac. All I got was a great speaker (and lots of people make those) which potentially can only play music through its own app. I purchased a play3 but can only play my music through a cumbersome Sonos app? Do I really need to queue up my selections to play them? I have 12,500 songs and therefore lots by artists with the same starting letter, no typing shortcut is possible apart from scrolling through the list. I appears I need to use my phone to be the controller but I use my iMac all the time? I have spent a whole evening researching answers and downloaded a piece of software so I can play my computer as a radio station and then pick that up through the Sonos radio function. This doesn’t work well. Therefore I am left with an expensive speaker that does not do what I intended. So my question is (after my prelim). Do I have to use the cumbersome Sonos app or can I somehow rig a line out through the play3? It is better through my phone but I use my iMac most of the time. I have ‘AirParrot’ which can take over the sound output function of my computer, any chance of getting the Sonos software to do the same. I know you have a lot of frustrated customers (from the multitude of forums I have read), surely you are not revenue hunting through the purchase feature on the app?
    Yours, A frustrated customer (and they don’t tend to a spread positive word).

    • John

      Yep, Sonos is rubbish. Mush better options available. You should have done your research!

  • Ed

    MY Itunes will not burn a disc. When I right click mouse and select burn playlist my itunes freezes. do you know anyone that can help. I have already uninstalled and reinstall Itunes.

  • dumbass

    how do I add my ipad to sonos? I have tried for a couple hours now, no luck. controller ap stinks it gets to one point and no more next buttons show.

  • Anthony

    I have all sorts of problems with Sonos and iPhone/Macs! I can not seem to get the system (sonos app) to play the songs I want directly from the device. I thought I had cracked it when I uploaded the playlist (song by song) onto the app, but that only worked once and now the same songs in the playlist don’t work! Having spent a few quid on the system, I have never been satisfied with it and have made the decision to put it all on ebay in the new year and go for a proper system like Bose! Bye Sonos!

  • John

    Sonos is expensive.
    Sonos uses and proprietary (not standards based or open) technology.
    Sonos has no bluetooth or NFC, so you can’t let your friends connect.
    forces you to play through their askew app; prevents many features from
    normal Sportify, Pandora, etc. You can’t play your playlist directly
    from you connected device.
    Sonos does not do stereo, but only offers simulated stereo.
    Sonos has bad build quality.
    Sonos has only average sound.
    Sonos does not offer a rechargeable battery, you need to wire each speaker to power.
    Sonos has no aux input, so no way to have sound for youtube,, movies, games, etc
    Sonos needs the internet connection all the time. How restrictive is that!
    Sonos: yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices.

    No thanks.
    are much better systems avoidable at a fraction of the cost. E.g. Look
    at the Samsung multi-room for example. And do not look at the Bose;
    that is atrocious.

  • John

    Sonos: yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices.

    Sonos is expensive.
    Sonos uses and proprietary (not standards based or open) technology.
    Sonos has no bluetooth or NFC, so you can’t let your friends connect.
    Sonos forces you to play through their askew app; prevents many features from normal Sportify, Pandora, etc. You can’t play your playlist directly from you connected device.
    Sonos does not do stereo, but only offers simulated stereo.
    Sonos has bad build quality.
    Sonos has only average sound.
    Sonos does not offer a rechargeable battery, you need to wire each speaker to power.
    Sonos has no aux input, so no way to have sound for youtube, movies, games, etc
    Sonos needs the internet connection all the time. How restrictive is that!

    No thanks.
    There are much better systems available at a fraction of the cost. E.g. Look at the Samsung multi-room for example. And do not look at the Bose; that is atrocious.

  • Paul

    I can no longer choose “This I phone” within my sonos app to play my music?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Paul, this can happen if the iPhone doesn’t have any tracks stored on it anymore or if the iOS version is lower than 6.0. This page has some great information about streaming tracks from your phone to Sonos: If you have any questions or trouble, please give us a call on our support line and we’ll help you out. You can find our contact information here:

  • GavinStiven

    You can try MobiKin Assistant for iOS software to transfer podcasts and music from iPhone to iTunes Library. It work well. Hope this helps!