Now Playing All Over Your Home: Music Stored on your Android

As the growing ranks of amazing music services are accompanied by countless digital radio stations from all over the world, there’s never been more ways to discover and listen to music than today.

At the same time, many of us still have and continue to build our own personal music libraries – on laptops, tablets and phones. We are downloading tracks, creating playlists on the go and we want to enjoy them wherever we are.

We are stoked to announce the latest update to the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.  Now you can play music stored on your Android phone or tablet anywhere there is a Sonos wireless speaker or component.

If you have Android 2.1 and higher (podcasts are compatible with Android 2.2 and higher) you can play your music in three quick steps:

(1)    Update your Sonos Controller for Android to software version 4.1.1. This release is for Android Controllers only — the rest of your Sonos components do not require an update.

(2)    Ensure your Android device is on your home wireless network, and then launch the Sonos Controller App.

(3) Go to the Music menu and select ‘This Mobile Device’ – this option will appear if you have music stored on your phone or tablet. You will now see all of your device’s music, playlists and podcasts available and can play them on Sonos.

Only Sonos lets you play all the music on earth—from any source to any room. This includes your music library no matter where it is stored – all delivered in Sonos HiFi sound.

Tracks downloaded directly from the Google Play Store are not immediately available for playback. To play these tracks through Sonos, you must download them from Google Play to a computer, and then transfer them to your Android device’s Music folder.

For more details, visit For Google Music support, visit Sonos Support.