Faster Access to the Music You Love

Posted on February 11th, 2013 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, Products, Tips & Tricks, Worldwide

Music lovers like you care about finding music quick and easy. We’ve worked tirelessly to speed up access to the music you love. Be on the lookout tomorrow for an update to your Sonos system. This update will deliver the following three enhancements:

Sonos Favorites:

– Add any track, album, playlist or radio station from any music source to your Sonos Favorites

– Quickly find and play the music you love simply by selecting your Sonos Favorites from the music menu in any Sonos Controller

Sonos Controller for Android:

– A new widget allows you to Play/Pause or skip tracks from your home screen. The new widget also displays album art and metadata so you can quickly see what’s playing without having to launch your Sonos app.

– Improved Search feature enables you to find new music from any screen within the Sonos Controller.

iPhone 5 display support:

– We optimized the Sonos Controller for iPhone so you can enjoy the app on the larger iPhone5 screen.

Sonos keeps getting better. Update your software tomorrow to find out why.

Posted on February 11th, 2013 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, Products, Tips & Tricks, Worldwide

  • Bjorn

    Any updates as regards to support Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT?

  • Jellen

    Or the new BB10?

    • Jeffrey

      Blackberry’s market share is rapidly falling… Again, Sonos shouldn’t invest money in developing platforms with an uncertain future. Keep the money in the hardware! :)

      • TextileW

        Of course that is based upon the new Z10 falling on its face. From what I can see and the very positive reviews NOT! Sonos needs to be compatible with as many phones as possible to sell their product.the new phone is awesome.

        • Jeffrey

          If the phone is awesome or not it doesn’t matter. Blackberry has lost it’s luster. Look at the stock price since the Z10 announcement. Even if the Z10 did everything in the world it doesn’t matter; people have already invested in other technologies because Blackberry didn’t do what everything else on the market did. If you have a large collection of iOS or Android applications and multiple devices for iOS (IPad, iPod, iPhone, Macbook, AppleTV, etc), it would require an enormous investment to move away from the iOS platform for something as uncertain as Blackberry.

          I am sure you like the new Z10 and many do (myself included), but honestly they’re 4 years too late. Why would I buy yesterday’s tech at today’s price?

          • Mr. EZ

            Hey Mr. Opinionated – how about leaving BB alone and mind your own business – it is excellent phone and platform. I would love to see Sonos app for BB and purchase it if I have to.

  • Gweg

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to installing it on my androids.

    That looks interesting : “Add any track, album, playlist or radio station from any music source to your Sonos Favorites”

    Also, on the bugging side… Any Android tablet version in sight ? Soundcloud support ?

  • Andrew

    Love when there’s updates! Does Sonos plan anytime soon adding a feature to show the most recent music I added to my library?

  • micke.h

    windows 8 phone app????

    • Jeffrey

      Nobody has Windows Phone 8. Why should Sonos develop an app for 2 percent of users? Put the money back into the system itself!

      • TextileW

        As I stated above regarding Blackberry, Sonos needs to be om as many phones as possible. I love my Sonos install and seriously considering a move away from iPhone when my contract is up this summer.

        • Jeffrey

          In a perfect world, yes. However, Blackberry’s market share keeps dropping and the company will most likely go out of business in a few years. Why should Sonos spend $100’s of thousands of dollars on something that won’t get used as much. Besides, even if you move away from iPhone (I don’t know why you would switch to Blackberry rather than Android in the first place), you can use an iPod touch.

          It would be nice to have the app on all platforms, but if I were Sonos, I would invest the money where it will be most used. Writing an app for a company who won’t be around in a few years doesn’t seem to be a progressive choice.

      • Dave

        Why should WP8 users buy Sonos then? Or indeed add to an existing Sonos system?

        • Jeffrey

          Sonos was here first. I think the question should be: “Why would Sonos users who enjoy their systems buy a Windows Phone 8″

      • Justin

        iOS satisfaction and customer base is on a decline, the only 2 platforms moving forward are Windows Phone and Android according to your chart.

        Companies like Nvidea put out $1000 graphics cards on the norm to showcase their new technologies and platforms even though only 1% of people will buy them. This is the case for WP8.

        • Jeffrey

          That’s great… Say one of the top phone platforms in the world in on a decline and Windows Phone is moving on based on one slice of data. Look at Microsoft’s stock price from 1995-2000 and anyone will say it’s an awesome investment (1,207% return). Take another slice from 2000-2005 and you’ll note it fell 56%! So is Microsoft awesome and on the rise, or is it tumbling out of control? Neither, it’s called selective sampling.

          The reason I used the aforementioned chart was because Windows Phone 8 is new and there isn’t any historical data for it. The reason why Windows Phone 8 will fail is because there are so many applications made for iOS and Android. For each additional platform you support you add exponential costs in maintaining each branch of the code base. Also, with Microsoft’s track record of failed “innovations”, it’s hard to justify the cost of development to the management of the company (think Windows Phone 7, Zune, Pocket PC, Windows XP Tablets, Surface, Windows Vista, Microsoft Bob, etc).

          Additionally, remember that Sonos apps are a replacement for the Sonos Controller that was quite expensive. Sonos did fine before they supported mobile devices and will continue to do so with whatever they choose. Anyone with a Windows Phone 8 can hop on eBay and buy a used iPod Touch for ~$65 and also get a portable media player to boot.

          Companies like nVidia create $1,000 graphics cards that they may only sell a few of to showcase their newest tech. That is true, but the difference is that the tech in the $1,000 nVidia cards will eventually find its way into the general products they sell in a product life-cycle. This doesn’t at all apply to Sonos. How is a Windows Phone 8 application going to make any other of their applications for other platforms better? In fact, in might inhibit innovation because of the additional resources needed to be allocated to the Windows Phone 8 development team.

          In summary, if you think that Windows Phone 8 and Android are the only products moving forward, maybe you should take off your Microsoft fanboy shirt and actually study the mobile market since it was created. Even Bill Gates isn’t happy with Microsoft’s offerings (

  • Bo Hejselbæk

    “Add any track, album, playlist or radio station from any music source to your Sonos Favorites”??? Does that mean you will be supporting Xbox Music? Any chance soon for a Windows Phone 8 controller?

    • Sinti

      oh that would be ingenious offering Xbox Music Support, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 App!!! That’s all I’m currently missing from Sonos

  • Johnny Morris

    When will the music you listen to via Spotify on Sonos feature on the Facebook activity feed?

  • Jeff

    How about you give us access to MORE of our music and lift
    the 65,000 track limit?

  • Ahsan Ashraf

    Please add better support for families. Locking in the household to one account on each streaming service is a dagger.

  • Bailey

    Windows Phone 8?? Phonos is making big bucks access your hardware.

    • TextileW

      Thanks Bailey. I will keep this in mind when the time comes to renew my contract and pick a new phone.

    • Dave

      Phonos sucks.

  • Dan Harvey

    Looking forward to this, sounds great. Even better would be options to sync sonos favourites with either/or lastfm favourites or spotify “starred”….

  • Bill heart

    Would love a more variable sleep alarm pse..

  • Tony

    What about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps? Since you stopped selling the standalone controllers, you have alienated the entire Windows market.

    • Kim

      How? I use a Mac, a Windows 8 computer and an iPad. I see no difference in the use on these 3.
      But I miss Sonos on my Windows 8 phone.

      • Justin

        Yeah, I wish Sonos would get off their butt’s and at least announce if they are working on something or not because then I’d know if I’m going to keep expanding my Sonos infrastructure or burn them.


    • Justin

      I’m getting pretty upset with them, they won’t even acknowledge if they are doing something with WP8 or not. Were not invisible, we want to give your our money…all of it!

  • dennish

    After the IOS update you can not control the volume and choose another song directly without opening the Sonos App. When will this return?

  • Jan

    Believe other firms are getting a lot more user friendly interface than Sonos currently is. Is there any chance that in the near future the interface will improve? Album thumbnail shuffle iso lists only.

  • jdjd

    Which of my iOS controllers will Sonos knock out of commission tomorrow? Only time will tell.

    • Chuck Smith

      This is actually Apple’s fault. It’s not actually possible to make an app that will support the iPhone 5 screen and the iPhone 3G and earlier at the same time. :(

      • jdjd

        Weak excuse. SONOS could have kept the original app alive and never touched it again, and then created a new app for newer models.

  • bob

    Awesome! My biggest feature resquest is turn on/off random play in mobile app

  • Frank Vergeer

    I tried the new “Sonos favourites” feature, but I do not see much added value to the already existing “Sonos playlists”, which already enabled you to create playlists with a mix of local iTunes songs and songs from the streaming services cloud. The only difference is that you can now add radio stations to this favourites menu, but those were already easily accessible with a few clicks from the main menu.

    What would really be a step forward, is that you can add any song that is playing on your Sonos easily to one of your playlists with one or two clicks, whether the song is from your iTunes library, Spotify, Deezer, Juke, cloud or local. That would really make playlists virtual and more fun to easily discover and build your collection of music.

    I realize there is a way to add a song to your play list (open playlist, look up the song that you discovered and liked, add song to waiting list, save waiting list — and that for each song) but this is quiet labor intensive..

    This possibly has to do with agreements with streaming service partners, but to easily build and maintain playlists, independent from where the music resides (local or cloud) is the core of the mission of Sonos: easily give access to all music ever made.

    I love the system but this would make it complete.

  • Hendrik

    Where is the Windows 8 App ???

  • Jackson

    Is this a joke, this is an update a programmer can do in 10 minutes?
    Love my sonos because it always works, but it’s soo limited. Can’t see any info on the music, no bitrate, nothing but the name of the song. But it always works.


    I read this thread and couldn’t find any answers about Windows Phone 8 app. I LOVE my phone, especially the fact that I can pin people, groups, music playlists and genres to my start screen. Right now I have to haul around both my phone and my ipod in order to use my Sonos at home or for parties. PITA. Frankly, I just don’t get all the hype about Iphones and Ipods. Much slower, clunkier, harder to type on, autofill is slow and crappy. A lot of navigation is required for what I can do in one click on WP8. We may be a small market but we are the smart market. :-)

  • Stevo

    I would like a Windows Phone 8 app too. Guess I’m another of the 2 percenters.

  • Brault

    How about line-in as a Sonos Favorite? I get my radio via satellite receiver > Sonos.
    Also, give us a way to use portable headphones through our IOS devices, ie an app that uses the Sonos controller.

  • Garfieldt

    Win 8 Support is really needed please give us an alternative to the really bad phonos app. Win RT style app would be nice, too…

  • Jonas

    Another one of the 2% here waiting for a Windows Phone app.

  • Jack

    Please please please can we have a native BlackBerry 10 app ?

  • Labrador

    I think Windows Phone 8 is going to spread over the world. It’s really better than I OS. Please develop an app for Windows phone 8. I have Sonos all over my house, but I won’t buy an Iphone!!

  • Rutger

    Windows Phone 8 app, please, please, please!!!

  • Ryan

    Please can we have Windows 8 and phone 8 support please!!!!

  • lasseknudsen

    Another Windows 8 phone user and still missing sonos in the store…

  • Hughst

    Yes also looking for windows 8 mobile app

  • Samir

    Windows 8 controller app please!

  • Eric

    Would love a Windows Phone App. Switched over from IPhone OS and never looking back.

  • Kk

    Here’s another of the 2 percent wishing for a windows phone app.

    • LarsK

      Me too!

  • Jake Schv

    I’d love to include sonos in my new remodel, but no windows phone support :(

  • Carolina

    Another one of the 2% of WP8 users here… Even if we happen to be just 2% of the world market… all these comments seem to indicate that a very big percentage of us likes Sonos too, and that should mean there’s enough users that there’s a market for Sonos controller for WP8!

    • David Steadson

      Well I’m in Europe and WP has over 10% of the market in many countries here. I want XBox Music and Windows phone and am looking to setup audio in my entire house.

      I see Sonos has had it “under consideration” for more than year. That’s long enough to consider it, so I guess there answer is “no”.

      I’m looking for alternative solutions if anyone can recommend ….

  • namnlose

    Please can we have Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support!!!!!

  • Ganske Digital

    Another plea for Windows Phone, Windows Modern UI and access to XBox music please. Or is Apple paying you to leave these platforms out???

  • Rouven Schäfer

    Please support wp8 and windows 8 and xbox music !!!

  • Anthony

    Waiting for a Windows Phone app before I fill my house with Sonos!

  • Mark

    Is there a way to add a search feature for tracks or artists stored on a mobile device? It was a pain to keep turning on my laptop just to listen to music so I took my whole library and loaded it onto my phone and tablet. The only problem is that the search function only seems to work for radio and my non existent music library. Searching tracks on a mobile device doesn’t appear to be an option. This seems like a huge oversight. Even if there were a fast scroll feature or letters to jump to like on my basic music player it would be better than manually scrolling through hundreds of songs to to get to the bottom half of my music library. If there’s a way to do this and i’m missing it, please let me know.

  • dechrist

    Windows phone has what… 2% of the market? I’ve seen both with Windows phones of you riding the 545 bus to the Redmond campus. Think I saw a Zune in your pocket as well.