Faster Access to the Music You Love

Music lovers like you care about finding music quick and easy. We’ve worked tirelessly to speed up access to the music you love. Be on the lookout tomorrow for an update to your Sonos system. This update will deliver the following three enhancements:

Sonos Favorites:

– Add any track, album, playlist or radio station from any music source to your Sonos Favorites

– Quickly find and play the music you love simply by selecting your Sonos Favorites from the music menu in any Sonos Controller

Sonos Controller for Android:

– A new widget allows you to Play/Pause or skip tracks from your home screen. The new widget also displays album art and metadata so you can quickly see what’s playing without having to launch your Sonos app.

– Improved Search feature enables you to find new music from any screen within the Sonos Controller.

iPhone 5 display support:

– We optimized the Sonos Controller for iPhone so you can enjoy the app on the larger iPhone5 screen.

Sonos keeps getting better. Update your software tomorrow to find out why.