8tracks + Sonos = House Party

The goal at Sonos is to constantly improve the way people experience music.

That’s why we recently partnered with 8tracks, an internet radio that allows people to share and discover music with short playlists of at least 8 tracks.

Through Sonos, you can now browse and discover new music shared across the 8tracks community. You can like playlists in order to listen to them later, and publish your own playlists to share them with the global community.

The best part? It’s advertisement-free, and 100% free to join.  In celebration of the arrival of 8tracks on Sonos, we’re throwing a virtual house party and giving away 3 pairs of PLAY:3 wireless music systems.  Just make your best house party mix — head over to the contest page on 8tracks for details.

Get started with 8tracks here.