Win tickets to the Slacker Canadian Music Fest

In celebration of The Canadian Music Week Special, Out There TV host Melissa DiMarco is giving away a pair of Slacker Canadian Music Fest 2012 wristbands. Canadian residents can enter by emailing their contact info to the show, or by connecting with Melissa on Twitter or Facebook. The wristbands will provide access to two events: the Canadian Music Fest, which features over 900 artists from 40 countries playing in 60 Toronto venues from  March 21 to March 25, and the brand new Canadian International Comedy Fest.

Jam-packed with performances and interviews, the TV special will be airing throughout Canada until March 25 on AUX New Music and features such legends and rising stars as Sammy Hagar, Bachman & Turner, and Nikki Sixx. You can sneak a peek by watching the trailer, or head to AUX TV for a full airing schedule.