A Father’s Love, Shared Out Loud

Father’s Day This coming Father’s Day is the first since my dad passed. No card to buy, no kisses and hugs, no chance to cook Sunday lunch for the old man and share a glass or two of wine. So is this a reason to be sad? Yes, perhaps it is… Then I remember earlier this […]


Why Are You OK

Back in the day in Irmo SC, my dad would throw “stereo nights” for us little runts.



Maybe it’s because of Father’s Day. Or maybe it’s this new Band of Horses track I’ve been listening to on constant repeat.


Sleep Tight with Sonos

If you have a Sonos in your bedroom, consider trying these tips and tricks to get the most out of your bedroom time.


Let’s Build a Home

Your wall hangings and throw rugs and light fixtures come together to create a design for your new space, but it’s the music that makes it home.